We care deeply about people and their path to better health and well-being. We value our clients and their needs. We strive to guarantee exceptional personalized service.


We embrace diversity. We believe in good and affordable insurance coverage for all. We work to bring equal insurance protection to underserved communities.


We promote health care and well-being across demographic groups. We run educational workshops for our senior population; we strive to raise awareness about child care.


We are committed to provide complete and reliable information. We offer our clients the most comprehensive range of options to get the best coverage and fit their needs and budget.


We stand by our independence when selecting our insurance partners. We work with a multitude of insurance carriers but are not tied to any insurance company. This allows us to grant our clients unbiased and impartial advice.


We work to improve insurance protection and make it more accessible. We do our best to provide people with effective tools to develop healthy habits and pursue a balanced lifestyle.

protecting you is our business

Crystal Clear Insurance Services has been helping people find the best insurance protection plans for their health and families. We are an advocate you and your loved ones


After 25 years in the insurance industry and a long-lasting partnership with the State’s Attorney’s Office for Child abuse, Medicare Awareness and Predatory Practices of Insurance Agents, our founder wanted more for her clients.

She therefore set up a grassroots organization to help people navigate their Medicare, health, and life insurance needs. Today, our small and dynamic team in Westchester, IL, is fully committed to deliver the best support to our clients.

Life Insurance

Death is a part of life, but it often comes unplanned and can prove overwhelming. A life insurance plan helps

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Health Insurance

Having adequate health protection is crucial. A solid health insurance plan protects you and the people who depend on you

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